Wait it Out

by Beer Head

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released April 12, 2015

Steven Welch - mixing, producing
Aaron Chafin - mixing, mastering



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Beer Head Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Facts
something other than what everyone said were the first thoughts to enter my head/learned a lesson listen to my friends they always know better than me/kamakazi with a broken heart suicidal and hell bent on revenge/leave a message stick a note to the door i'm a sucker pull me under think i've been there before//end is coming quickly time keeps moving forward and i'm about to leave/every other weekend sometimes even on christmas you'll hunt me down and give me grief//i took my wine to go/a little buzz for the road/standing in yr wholesome shadow/listen to average soprano//you'll never know the cost/what i had to give to earn yr trust/was it earned or was it bought/yr paranoia says a lot//end is coming quickly time keeps moving forward I'm about to leave/every other spring break/sometimes even on christmas/you'll hunt me down and give me grief//frozen solid still in tact/heavy talks they set me back/thaw u out get u back on track/make it up give me your facts//
Track Name: Later
in my days as a mistake/yr fingers gripping around my neck/i made u cry i’ll make u wait//gently smoking/yr all white cigarette/lipstick coats the end/it smells like regret//push it down/won’t u suppress/guilt & shame will get the best/tell me a bit i’ll make up the rest//gently smoking/yr all white cigarette/lipstick coats the end/it smells like regret//quickly bawling/yr daily ritual/go smoke another/getting habitual//
Track Name: Scare You
can’t admit/contradict/it’s made out to be/something big/throw a fit/i can’t even see/what’s been done/stared at the sun/maybe he blinded me/made it up/just my luck/i think i’m done//i hope i didn’t scare u/i know i always tend to/my conscience is ever present/will i go to heaven?//subject yr subjects to subjectives/i don’t want to know/offer opinions and a message/easy to swallow/erase all evidence of ever-changing frequencies/pass the potion whats yr notion/have some decency//my thoughts are always changing/flipping through the pages/making some decisions/i had a couple nightmares/i hope i didn’t scare u/i know i always tend to/my conscience is ever present/will i go to heaven?//
Track Name: Just Can't Stop
stop right where yr running/breathe through yr nostrils/end of a season were living in//when u were living/when we were in high school/it was so much easier to be friends//i remember your funeral/they said it was beautiful/i couldn’t stop watching yr folded hands//think of u daily/at least pretty often/try not to rip that wound open again//its been hard being back around town/i think of u every time I'm around my friend aaron/he's an ordinary person now/we've got memories of u we don't talk about//nothing specific or significant/lonely like everybody a bit nostalgic/get my mind out of the gutter and then throw it away/the space/this pain/these things we say//
Track Name: Be Here
u walk in/to a party/see me lying on the floor/am i drunk/or am i just broken/to this day i don’t know for sure//come and see me when i’m not out of my mind/bring me something that will pass the time//yr always/there when u need me/can’t u see I’m dying here/i’ll be back soon/u tell me/but there’s no way that’s the truth/come on back/to the real world/here i am my face is on the ground/i’d trade u spots/in a second/some people call it selling out//come and see me when i’m not out of my mind/I've been waiting for a damn long time/come be with me never thought I'd beg again/u never told me what u wanted in the end